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What are the different types of TV’s available in the market and how do they work?

There are three different types of TV’s nowadays: plasma, LED, and LCD. Although, there are other types as well such as CRT (cathode-ray tube), and projection. But, we will discuss these three as they are the most common ones. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): The LCD uses a fiber-optic shutter system to block light. A pixel is made up of three parts: a cathode, a capacitor, and a crystal structure. When an electric current is passed through the cathode and capacitor, the crystal structure turns opaque and blocks the light passing through the pixel. By applying no voltage to the cathode and capacitor, the crystal structure will turn transparent and allow light to pass through the LCD screen. That’s how simple LCD’s are!  MI led tv service center near Bhubaneswar

But how does this work on TV?

Well, LCD’s are used in modern TVs because they are cheaper to produce and sell. They have a better picture quality as compared to the other types. Also, they are thin and consume less power. You can identify an LCD TV because of its flat screen and the name ‘Liquid Crystal Display’ will be printed on the TV. LED (Light Emitting Diode): The LED TV is now replacing the older CRT (cathode-ray tube) televisions. Although, some people might prefer the CRT look and display because it is curved. But, LEDs have many advantages over CRT’s so they are being used in modern TVs. Like the LCD, the LED uses pixels to form images on the screen. But, LEDs are used to produce light instead of blocking light. When a current is passed through the cathode and capacitor of a LED, it will block some of the light and this creates darkness in the area of the pixel. By passing electricity through the cathode and capacitor, the LED will create light and this will create a bright spot in the area of the pixel. You can imagine how these tiny light-blocking and light-creating actions form the images on the screen.  Panasonic LED TV service center near Bhubaneswar

Like in the case of an LCD, there are two types of LED TVs – those which have rows of LEDs and are replaced when they fail, and those which have a single row of LEDs and use a light-blocking film to create shadows, which are then combined to form an image. The latter are cheaper to produce and sell. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode): This is the latest technology used in modern TVs to create images on the screen. But, they are very expensive at the moment. You will know an OLED TV by its deep colors and its curved screen.  Samsung Tv service center near Bhubaneswar

Major Issues and Problems in Panasonic LED TV

1. Panasonic led tv sound problem solution

Many users have reported a strange sound issue with their Panasonic LED TV. The speakers crackle, make abnormal sounds and the volume drops down significantly. Although the issue is widespread, the problem is not in your ears. It’s a speaker issue. Usually, the speakers of the TV are covered with a mesh to protect users from getting hurt by the speakers which produce high-volume sound. The manufacturers do this so that the viewers can enjoy watching content without any interference. But, due to a manufacturing defect, the holes of the mesh are slightly bigger than usual. A small bee can pass through such a hole. That is why when high-volume sound is produced, the speakers crackle. This is a technical fault and can be fixed. You don’t need to buy a new TV just because of this issue. Get the speakers replaced at an authorized service center and enjoy watching content without any issue.  Sony LED tv service center Bhubaneswar

2. Panasonic led tv power problem solution

A few users have reported a power issue with their TVs. The TV suddenly turns off and then turns on after a few seconds. This problem is also widely reported and occurs in many brands, but it’s particularly noticeable in Panasonic TVs due to their large sizes. This issue occurs when the auto power off feature of the TV is turned on. This feature turns off the TV after a pre-set time to save electricity. Although this is a useful feature which saves energy and costs, some users don’t want their TVs to turn off automatically. If you also don’t like the auto power off feature and would like to turn it off, you can do so by accessing the following menu.

Navigate to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Support Settings’ -> ‘Power Control’ -> ‘Power Off Timer’ and select ‘Off’. This will turn off the power-off timer.

3. Panasonic led tv color problem

Many users have reported that the colors of their TVs are flickering. Sometimes the colors are fine. But at other times, they seem to be losing their vibrancy and are taking on a brownish tinge. This is not a technical fault and does not need to be fixed by an authorized service center.This issue can be fixed easily at your local electronics store. The problem is that the color settings of the TV are set to ‘Medium’. Simply change the settings to ‘Bright’ and the problem will be solved.

4. Panasonic led tv service center in india

Many users have complained that some icons and text appear distorted on their TVs. This problem usually occurs when the TV is kept far away from the viewer. This issue is caused by the screen angle of the TV. The screen angle of modern TVs is adjustable. Some users prefer to keep their TVs flat (usually for wall installation purposes) and in this situation, the screen angle tends to have a downward tilt. This tilt creates distortion when characters and icons are displayed on the screen.
You can correct this issue by adjusting the screen angle of the TV. If the angle is already adjusted as far as it can go and the distortion is still there, you don’t need to contact a service center – you can simply adjust the angle further and fix the problem.

Why did you hire Biswakarma Electronics for Panasonic led tv repair at home ?

Many reasons ! First : Our 25 years of experience in repairing electronics goods. Yes ! We have spent 25 years in this repair work and that ensures you that we have know-how of how electronics items work and also know how to repair them.

Secondly : We do not charge high. Our charges for Panasonic led tv service near Bhub aneswar are very reasonable. We charge according to the problem in your TV. If you find any other repair shop charge high on fixing the above problems, don’t go for that.

Thirdly : Our technicians are qualified. Yes ! Our technicians who will come to your house for repair, will be qualified one. They have good knowledge of electronics goods and also know how to repair them in the best way.

So, these were some problems which you can face in your Panasonic led TV. If you encounter any of these problems, please contact us. We will ensure that you will not face these problems for the next 5 years at least. Our customers are our family! Our aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction for your Panasonic led TV service near Bhubaneswar. We hope we can become 1st choice for your repair and maintenance work of your TV.